Thinking of a Birth Plan?

Birth plans are a good way to guide your thinking and provide everyone on your “team” with a map of what you envision as your ideal birth. Sometimes birth plans get followed to the letter, sometimes they get tossed right away, but usually it becomes a flexible guide.

Did you have a birth plan? What went as planned?

Earth Mama’s Free Birth Plan

Whether you prefer a natural, non-medicated birth or a medically assisted (epidural) delivery, Earth Mama’s Free Baby Birth Plan is a perfect tool for having your desires met during labor. There are a lot of options, but don’t feel anxious. Thoughtfully considering areas of concern is empowering and helps prepare you for better communication. Be sure to make enough copies to present your customized birth plan to your doctor, midwife, nurse, doula, birthing center or hospital and any attending family or friends.

Create Your Birth Plan Now


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