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Reprinted with permission from The Soft Landing

Have you ever been so bothered by an injustice that you wanted to drop everything and do something drastic about it?

That’s just what Ed Brown and his wife Lauren did when they learned that it’s perfectly legal for manufacturers to add thousands of un-proven, un-tested and un-labeled chemicals to the products we use every single day.   It was after Lauren suffered two miscarriages that they began asking, “What if the health problems we’ve encountered in our lives were due to environmental toxins and other chemicals that our bodies couldn’t handle?”

And then they stopped talking about it did something drastic:  they threw everything they had into documenting the problem of chemical exposures at low levels and introducing us to a new level of understanding about what this means.  Ed and Lauren believe we all deserve to know what is going into our bodies, and into the bodies of our children, so they’ve devoted themselves to working on the Unacceptable Levels film for the last three years.  And I’m excited about supporting their efforts, aren’t you?

Donate $1 for a Chance to Win the Grand Prize

Many of my favorite green companies have donated non-toxic products to create a Grand Prize to help drive the Unacceptable Levels IndieGoGo fundraising campaign (see the complete list below). The film is fully completed, but there’s much more work to be done before it can be distributed. The Unacceptable Levels team needs to raise $50,000 to help them get this film into theaters and to spread the word about hidden chemicals to mainstream Americans.

You’ll be automatically entered to win the entire bundle of prizes when you donate $1 or more to the project anytime between October 18 and November 6, 2012.  One winner will be drawn at the close of the campaign and announced on November 7, 2012. The contest is open to US residents only.

See What’s Included in the Grand Prize

The list goes on and on!  Don’t miss your chance to score some major goodies from these trustworthy companies.


Peace, Love and Information for All!

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