Strategic Feline Defense System

Over the last many years, we’ve been nurturing and providing safe haven for the wild birds and squirrels that live in our organic gardens. We think their presence represents a valuable contribution for the ecosystem. We have carefully fed and protected the shyest wild pigeons, woodpeckers, finches, doves, nuthatches and chickadees.

Then the neighbors got a new cat. And despite my vociferous attempts to dissuade him, the cat has decided that our bird feeder is the best place on the planet for a nap – and an aviary snack.

We tried sprinkling cayenne pepper around the base of the feeders. We tried a well-aimed squirt gun and light-triggered inaudible cat deterrents. And yet  the cat’s favorite perch seems to be literally inside the bird feeder. In desperation, I wrapped the pole of his favorite hang out in bubble wrap and duct tape, and expected to hear a series of pops and yowls. Nope. Now he  just leaps the elegant plastic and tape gauntlet in a single bound and lounges in the tray on top of the cracked sunflower seeds. Sigh. Next…


Peace, Love and Information for All!

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