Meet Mama’s Bump Squad!

Introducing Mama’s Bump Squad, a group of adorable pregnant women all due around the same time. These smart mamas are all on a path to safer products and they want to share their experiences during the glorious – and sometimes uncomfortable, itchy, achy and anxious – journey of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum too. Earth Mama invites you to gently peek over their shoulders as they grow their miracles. Follow along here!


JayaHello there, my name is Jaya. I am a Colorado native. I have three beautiful mocha kiddos. Two boys,Brennan and Davin, ages 10 and 8, as well as a girl, Trinity age 4. I have been married to my sweet hubby for 12 years now and am looking forward to way more than 12 more. I am currently homeschooling my kiddos and working the early morning shift at Target stocking the shelves. I am of the creative type and love to lead painting parties, painting, and scrapbooking. When I am not pregnant I love running. As for right now I am extremely beside myself to be pregnant. We have had a few miscarriages and being at the end of my first trimester is so relieving. I feel like I can enjoy my pregnancy from here on out! I am so excited to be sharing this pregnancy with all of you sweet mamas. 

Olivia Nichole arrived on 8/24/16!

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EricaI’m Erica: wife, mama, and artist. My husband Jeremy and I are parents to sweet Jayden who turned one in January this year. We are excited to welcome another angel baby to our family this September! I enjoy mixed media art and connecting with other kindreds through my blog, I am a Distributor and Educator for an essential oils company and enjoy incorporating essential oils into our everyday. With an MA in Family Studies, my soul’s passion is to empower families to thrive. I believe and have experienced the healing power of nature and am honored to represent Earth Mama’s mission and products through Mama’s Bump Squad!

Zoe Mae Elizabeth arrived on 9/13/16!

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KatiHi everyone, my name is Kati, I’m 32 and am from the Metro Detroit area in Michigan. I  have been married to my husband, TJ for 10 years. We enjoyed the better part of our 20’s forging our bond, growing into adulthood and having fun. My husband is a jack of all trades, starting as a landscaper for his family lawn company, moving into telecom sales and now settled in as a financial advisor and runs our home screen printing business. I worked as a nanny and later went to school for cosmetology. It was there that I began to learn the importance of safe, organic hair and skin products. I was so passionate about my experience there, I got my instructor license and taught at the school for 3 years. The last year of working, I had my first pregnancy and taught all the way until the day our little girl decided to join us earth side! Her name is Fiona and she is almost 3. Now, I am about 9 weeks with our 2nd child and Fiona is very excited to be a big sister! I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom. Fiona and I spend our days playing, learning and going on adventures! I’m so honored and excited to be a part of the Mama Bump Squad and can’t wait to share the journey of a new pregnancy with everyone and the support of Earth Mama Products!

Anthony Carmine arrived on 9/29/16!

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AmyHi, my name is Amy Griffith. I am a mom of two, expecting twins this fall!  Generally, my “work” is the kiddos and my “office” is our home.  Most days are filled with playing, creating messes, cooking together, and exploring the outdoors when it’s not freezing here. I teach yoga at our local studio as well as work on my pre/postnatal yoga dvd’s that became more than just an idea when I was pregnant with my second baby.  To me, yoga is more than a form of exercise, it’s a way of life.  Experiencing the ups and downs of life as ‘mom’ has required a lot of deep breaths, presence in the moment and more patience than I could have ever anticipated. Being a part of this community of mothers has been inspiring and encouraging.  I realize that I’m not alone in this wild ride of motherhood.  We’re all experiencing our own ups and downs.  It truly does take a village to help you survive, whether that’s local or virtual.  I am thrilled to join Mama’s Bump Squad to share more love, support and information through my Earth Mama experience.  

George and Rory arrived on 9/8/16!

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MikkiHi! My name is Mikki I live in the sunshine of Southern California with my hunky husband and gorgeous almost 2 year old daughter along with our little dog named Hector. We have another little tribe member on the way due in early October and are so excited to meet him/her! I juggle a lot of hats and roles in my life trying to keep being a “stay at home mom” a reality. Along with being a mama and working with the youth in our church, I am a freelance Graphic Designer, a thrifter/ eBay seller, and most importantly a Doula! I have a passion for helping mothers through their pregnancy, labor, and birth and want to support them in the best way I can! I also have been very blessed with some amazing mama friends to add to my “family” and we get to raise our babies together which is something so so valuable to me. I love all things pregnancy, birth, and motherhood related and am very excited to share a little bit of my own journey and experience with you all!

Ezekiel Ryan arrived on 10/17/16!

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AudreyI am a 30-year-old Midwestern mama with a penchant for music, belly dancing, and Italian food. Normally, I’m also a craft beer enthusiast, but between pregnancy and breastfeeding, I’ll stick with tea, thank you very much. From 9 to 5, my title is Executive Director of Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum, but my favorite title will always be “Mommy.” My husband, my toddler, and I live in a quaint village in southern Michigan. I vehemently believe in coffee, the Muppets, and comfy shoes. I also believe that the “Mommy Wars” are ruining this country, and I’m shocked that none of the candidates are addressing this issue.

I am new to the “all-natural” movement, but like most mothers, I’m invested in the health and safety of my baby. Although my son came out just fine, I would like to take more precautions this time around, especially since I’ve developed several chemical sensitivities during this pregnancy. I bid a fond farewell to shave gel, facial moisturizer, and Doritos. I would like to extend special thanks to Earth Mama for the invitation to join Mama’s Bump Squad and the opportunity to share my journey with the world.

Zia arrived on 10/3/16!

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MagenHi my name is Magen. I am a 28-year-old soon to be mom of two. Our little man was born in October of 2014. Becoming pregnant and carrying him for those 9 months was an indescribable experience. The amount of love you can have for a child from the moment you find out you are pregnant is just incredible. It’s an all-consuming love, mixed with a good amount of worry and a lot of humor. They are funny little creatures and it is wonderful to watch them develop and apply the things you have taught them. Besides being a very involved Mom, I also work part-time and am finishing my pre-requisites for the Nursing program. However, my favorite days are the ones where I get to stay at home with my toddler. I feel I have learned the most invaluable, important life skills as a Mom. I am a master apple peeler, grape cutter and meal planner to please the pickiest eater. All of this done in record time I might add, since we all know a toddler’s capacity for being patient. It is truly the most direct form of on the job training and I am loving every minute of it.

Caden arrived on 10/6/16!

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KelsiMy name is Kelsi and I am a momma of two pretty rad little kids. Judah is almost three and Eden just turned one. I am now pregnant with our third little tyrant and we are stoked! I am about eight weeks and due sometime in October. We are going to be BUSY, but who could pass up on more loooove? We plan to also have this baby at home. I cloth diaper, babywear, breastfeed (tandem and full term), cosleep, etc. All those nerdy natural momma things to do. I am a sahm and actually find it to be fairly isolating and lonely sometimes, but I adore being at home and I wouldn’t change it, even if it can be hard. Thank goodness for my momma tribe all over Facebook! The lovely ladies in my life are able to share the best and funniest moments about my life as a mother, as well as, the hardest and most emotionally challenging. I’m honest and raw and open and tell it like it is. I value kindness, compassion and realness. I am happiest when I’m reading a book or gardening in the sun or kissing those sweet cheeks of my tiny humans.

Emet arrived on 10/19/16!

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TaviaHello everyone! I’m Tavia, a 29 year old mother to one 10-month old daughter and soon-to-be mother of another baby, due October 30! I have been married for 5 years to my college sweet heart. I left the military in August 2015 to stay home with my daughter. Since then, I have started my own website (Big Brave Nomad) which helps parents who love or who want to travel with their kids, but have questions, need advice, or just need some courage. We travel frequently with our daughter and hope to continue with our second!

At 25 weeks pregnant with my daughter we found out that one of her kidneys was very large and probably dead. (Hydronephrosis) On May 5, she will have her kidney removed. I still have a lot of guilt and feel like somehow all of this is my fault, which is why I am SO excited to be on the “Bump Squad” this time around! I know baby #2 is safe while using these products. I can’t wait to see how they help me through morning sickness, caring for a toddler, and staying calm through the pregnancy storm. Talk to you all very soon!

Latham arrived on 10/26/16!

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Peace, Love and Information for All!

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