How to Make Your Own Non-toxic Baby Wipes

How to Make Your Own Non-toxic Baby WipesMaking homemade baby wipes takes just a few minutes of work and saves loads of money. You can make them with cloth, so they are reusable, or with paper towels if you need disposables. Plus the wipe solution can be used as a diaper spray! Here’s the money saving recipe:

Take 1 roll of premium paper towels and cut in half (width wise) using a sharp knife. Cheap, thin paper towels will rip easily. I recommend making your cloth wipes 1/2 a roll at a time, but if you have more than one child or feel like half a roll doesn’t last as long as you would like, use both halves.

How To Make Homemade Baby Wipes

(1) 1/2 roll

1 cup Water
1 Tablespoon baby wash, shampoo or soap shavings*
1/2-1 Tablespoon baby oil or olive oil (preferably organic)**

(2) 1/2 rolls

2 cups Water
2 Tablespoon baby wash, shampoo or soap shavings*
1-2 Tablespoon baby oil or olive oil (preferably organic)**

*Look for toxin-free products. My first choice is Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash or any pure, safe castile soap.
**Again, check the labels! My first choice is Angel Baby Baby Oil.


  1. Mix all the liquid ingredients together.
  2. Put paper towels in a large mixing bowl, and pour the mixed liquid over the top of the paper towels.
  3. Let the mixture soak through for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Turn paper towels upside down and allow to sit for another 10 minutes.
  5. Pull out the center cardboard core and the wipes will pop up through the middle of the roll.
  6. Store your homemade wipes in a gallon-size plastic bag, plastic storage container with a lid, or re-use an old disposable wipes container.

Want to save more money and Mama Earth? Try using cloth diaper wipes. Just soak pieces of flannel, old cut up cloth diapers, or washcloths in the above mixture, roll them up, and place in a container, gallon-size plastic bag, or a wipe warmer made especially for homemade baby wipes.

For diaper spray, put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray directly on your baby’s tushie. Gently pat dry.

Since this formula has no icky preservatives, make just enough to last you a few days to a week, or store it in the fridge. Fresher is always better!

Guest Expert Post by Diba Tillery, RN







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  • Oscar

    Its good to make the wipes by yourself, so that baby bum will be more hygiene and the use of micro fibers clothes is as less as possible, as Using micro fibers clothes on baby skin may give rashes,its good to use the wipes rather than micro fibers clothes .

  • jeanie

    When this says 1 Tbsp body wash, should I be measuring the liquid pre-pump/foam? Assuming so…!

  • Deaven Mauldin

    Mine needed more water -___-

  • Diana Delmar

    I am trying to reduce the waste in my home to almost minimum but since we have a little baby it is hard. The idea for homemade baby wipes is so cool! Thank you a lot for sharing! I will definitely try it!

    Martha York

  • Inna Solomatov

    Thank you for sharing! I like the idea of these. Do these leave any soapy residue or stickiness on the skin? Seems like it could lead to itchiness.

  • Czora Rachael N

    I tried the above recipe and the wipes molded, did this ever happen to you?

    • Amylisa Myers

      I use distilled water or boiled (and cooled) tap water for my wipes solution, since trace bacteria or mildew from the faucet can lead to musty water when stored.

  • Chelsea Schroeder-Rudig

    Just wondering is there bleach/chlorine in the paper towels themselves? Could that be exposed to baby?

  • Chelsie Dean

    I love this idea thanks 🙂


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