Clearing the Clutter

Bump Squad mama Erica finds that clearing the clutter can mean getting rid of worrisome ingredients too!

If there’s one thing this mama loves, it’s less clutter. Being a first time mom, I registered for everything under the sun. I quickly realized there were staples we needed for baby and so many frivolous items that just collected dust.

When it came to the products we would use on our sweet baby’s delicate skin, I was overwhelmed. I remember standing in the aisle at Target scanning the dozens of items labeled “natural” and “safe” for baby and trying to pick the brand that seemed the least chemical laden. but in all honesty, I didn’t know where to begin.

The more research I’ve done, and first hand experience I’ve had, I can honestly and confidently say Earth Mama is a trusted brand and completely safe for mama and baby and all of our most tender parts.

I remember the first few weeks of our baby’s life, using a variety of various washes and lotions, now which I greatly regret. They may have smelled nice, but looking at the labels now make me cringe.

I feel so fortunate to have found Earth Mama products and speaking of the clutter that I mentioned above–with these products, our beauty and care routine is significantly streamlined!

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I’d love to share with you a few of the ways we use some of my favorite beyond organic and safe products on my precious babe and myself (now expecting our second angel baby!)



Angel Baby Lotion– First of all. this smells divine. Like an orange creamsicle. But light and perfectly (not too) sweet. I use this as an all over moisturizer for my one year old and as a facial moisturizer for myself a few times a week when I want a little extra hydration!



Natural Nipple Butter– The name says it all. As a breastfeeding mama (soon to be tandem breastfeeding mama!) my nipples could use all the hydration they can get. In addition to supporting my sensitive and well loved nipples, I use this on my cuticles and on any rough, dry patches on our babe’s legs. (I can smell the cocoa seed powder in this and it usually makes this pregnant mama crave chocolate too…)



Angel Baby Oil– Thanks to a recommendation from Melinda, founder of Earth Mama, I now use this every night as a facial cleanser to remove my make up. It so gentle and my skin LOVES it. Very balancing for my combination skin. I like to slather my hands up and give our baby a massage before bedtime too. So wonderful that the same product I use to wash my face, I can use, without hesitation on our precious baby boy.



New Mama Bottom Spray– This was the first Earth Mama product  I purchased after the delivery of our son last year. Let’s just say–game changer. I sprayed this every time I visited the bathroom for weeks after his birth. It’s cooling and refreshing and wonderful. The best part though? After I was all healed up, I spritzed this on my face as a toner after cleansing. Total win win!



Angel Baby Bottom Balm– We’ve been fortunate to not have too much diaper irritation on our sweet babe, but when his bottom needs a little extra TLC, we absolutely grab this jar of magic. I use this for rough patches on his back, legs, and face as he’s teething from drool as well–wherever he needs a little extra, focused moisture.


I hope this gives you some ideas on the versatility of these incredible products. Their uses are endless, and I have peace of mind and confidence knowing the personal care products in my home are safe and beneficial for our entire family.


~Erica Simpson, proud member of #mamasbumpsquad

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Peace, Love and Information for All!

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