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Earth Mama's Herbal First Aid

Earth Mama’s Herbal First Aid Kit

Ever wonder what was in your foremother’s first aid kit? We imagine her with a full array of roots and berries, herbs and oils tucked into her trusty animal-skin pouch. What did she keep around for cave boo-boos: the odd singe from the cooking fire, skinned knees from outrunning woolly beasts, or a massive splinter while on the family’s daily 12 mile walk?

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7 Herbal Ways to Nurture Your Pregnant Self

Seven Herbal Ways to Nurture Your Pregnant Self

Happy mamas mean happy babies! Of course it’s important to get all the pampering, soothing, and comfort you can before the baby gets here and you’re on milk and cradle call 24/7. But how can you feel pampered when your bottom is sore, your skin is itchy and your feet resemble water balloon art? It’s key to remember that those discomforts of pregnancy are temporary, and common. And best of all, they can be safely soothed using nature’s herbal gifts.

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