Campers, Travelers, and Back to School Clean!

School’s in! Germs out! Students, campers and travelers can choose safe, natural, Triclosan-free clean.

What’s in your school’s soap? Detergents, toxins, pesticides? Odds are your kid’s school isn’t thinking about what’s in the soap; they’re lucky if they can get all those little runny nosed-kids to wash their hands at all. But that doesn’t mean you have to expose your kid to worrisome hand washes, harsh detergents or the tricky toxin of the moment, Triclosan.

Travelers, campers, and students from K to college can take their own safe, pure soaps. Find easy to stash sizes, from companies that you can trust. Tuck one of Earth Mama’s Earth Mama’s four pure, safe, travel-sized soaps into your kid’s or camper’s backpack and rest easy, knowing that even if you can’t protect them from every sneeze, you can know exactly what they are using to wash away the germs. All four soaps are certified organic and Triclosan-free, with no harsh detergents. Perfect for students, campers and travelers too.

Do you know what YOU are soaking in? Is it soap or detergent? Do you know the difference? Read on to find out more! Soap vs. Detergent: What are YOU Soaking in?

Earth Mama’s four safe, travel-sized soaps. Pure, clean, USDA Certified Made With Organic ingredients.

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