When Baby Can’t Wait! Jaya’s Birth Story

Bump Squad mama Jaya shares her labor and delivery adventure.

Let me start out by saying, I have never gone into labor on my own. All three of my previous deliveries were induced by means of pitocin. At the beginning of each pregnancy I have always showed signs of preeclampsia. So, I have never made it to my due date either.

About 10 pm on the night of the 23rd I started having some pelvic pain. I wrote it off as what I call “growing pains.” These pains continued throughout the night coming every 1-3 hours maybe. About 4 am, August 24th, these pains started to be more frequent. I knew then that my “growing pains” were contractions. I got out of bed and rocked the pain through until about 6 am. Then I woke up my husband and told him, “I’m having contractions. I don’t know how to time them so I need you to. I’m going to try and poop because I don’t want to poop during delivery and take a shower.” (No joke, priorities right? lol)

So, I do my thing and hop in the shower. I stayed in there until the hot water ran out. It felt so good to have the hot water massaging my back during the peak of my contractions. By this time my contractions were roughly 6 mins apart and about 1 min long. We called Kaiser and the said oh no rush we usually have our patients go in when the contractions are 5 min apart. (We also got diverted to a different hospital than we registered at due to there not being any rooms available. Crazy! everyone was having a baby that day,) So, I was thinking cool, We can drop one kiddo at school and the other at childcare. Perfect timing! We waited an hour, hour and a half before leaving. I couldn’t take it anymore. Our poor kiddo, Davin, was dropped off at school super early. (Well, maybe 20 min early.) I felt like we kicked him out on the curb in front of the school. (No, he was not alone, there were maybe 10 other kiddos and the crossing guard.) Then we dropped off our little girl, Trinity. (I feel like the car was still rolling when we dropped her off.) Okay, now we are finally off to the hospital.

It’s about 8 by now and my contractions are something like 3 mins apart and every bump brings on another one. About 10 min before we get to the hospital I tell my husband they’re coming too close. We get to the hospital, thank God they have a Momma baby wing because we had no idea where we were going, my husband races in for a wheel chair. I tried to sit in the wheel chair and that was not happening. There was way to much pressure. If I would have sat down our sweet baby would have been delivered in that wheel chair. So, I proceed to walk to my room. No stopping at admin or triage. Contractions are maybe a min apart. We get to the room, and the nurse asks me to put the gown on and try and use the bathroom. So…..I try. As soon as I bent down I knew. There was too much pressure and I needed to push. Got my pants fully off as I was dragging them around my angles from the bathroom, and climbed in the bed. The nurse checked me and I was complete plus three. I have never seen a group of nurses and doctors come together so quickly in the delivery room. It was crazy! Doc said okay next contraction you can push. “Okay I have the head….oh, and one shoulder. OH, WE HAVE A BABY!” Said the doctor. My one push wonder baby. lol I was told that we got there at 8:30 am and Olivia Nichole was delivered at 8:35 am! Olivia Nichole was 6 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long. ( And I pooped anyways! UGH! she was worth it though.)

Jaya and Olivia

Olivia swaddle

Jaya kids

Jaya girls snuggle




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