A Sweet Blessing Ceremony for Your Angel Baby

Safe As Mamas Arms Savannah


Your sweet baby is here! Welcome your wonderful bundle with Mama’s gentle ritual, or use this as a starting point to create your own special ceremony.

Invite all those who love and will help look after your new angel baby to share in your blessing ceremony. Ask each person to bring a small symbolic gift to share, such as a song, poem or family memento or perhaps a blessing of their own.

Daub your baby’s head with a drop or two of anointing oil. A safe, organic oil can be infused with a drop of rose and lavender oil for inspiration and protection.

Bathe your baby in a small tub of warm water for a ritual cleansing, while speaking this blessing:

Bless your mind, that you may be filled with wisdom and dreams.
Bless your eyes, that you may have clarity of vision and see goodness.
Bless your mouth, that you may speak the truth.
Bless your ears, that you may hear the wisdom that is spoken to you.
Bless your hands, that you may create beauty in the world.
Bless your belly, that you may follow your instincts and intuition.
Bless your knees, that you may kneel and experience humility.
Bless your back, that you may have the strength to carry your burdens.
Bless your heart, that you may give and receive love.
Bless your feet, that you may find and walk your own true path.

Now kiss your baby with gratitude for the blessing that she or he came here to share with us all!


Peace, Love and Information for All!

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